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Lately I’ve been spending time outdoors at night, looking at the sky.  Some nights it fills me with an incredible calm.  Other nights revelations appear, and last night? I took my glasses off which was amazing.  The entire sky came into clear view, no fuzz or distraction.

And this, Gentle Reader, is how it is.  Seeing what you look at is not as easy as you might think.  You have to drop your preconceptions (or glasses), release attitudes (the I wants or I thinks or….well, you know) and take the ride.

Lately the field of opposites for me has been, on one end of the teeter totter: Things do work out often far better than your wildest dreams, and the Dalai Lama IS right, there’s no reason for too much worry.  On the other side of the totter? Are so many people who seem completely beyond rehabilitation.  The US Congress appears to fall in that category but what really made me stop and think was a documentary we saw about the Yazidi women ISIS has captured.  How can anyone become so entirely debased and degraded as to do the things these guys do? (Or, for that matter, Bill Cosby.) So many affected by their dead end vileness, so little help for their victims, and such lasting pain.  For everyone.  I really don’t get it.  As a woman and experiencer of many such vilenesses in the past, it makes me really angry and when I find myself thinking, well, that creep definitely needs to die,  I’m stuck in that vast space between the stars, my own sense of powerlessness and inability to DO anything, and knowing that violence really does just beget more of the same.  So my project now is to develop an Enlightenment Spray!  A few shots of this stuff and you step away from the bad behavior.  A few more sprays and you start thinking about good things to do, like planting gardens and keeping things clean and being NICE, DAMMIT.  It’s worth a try.  You, my dear readers, will be among the first to know how this Quest goes.