Personally, I believe there is cosmic (as in solar system, cosmos, galaxies and beyond) energy affecting us all, Gentle Reader.  However one wishes to describe it, what words are used, it is still there.  There was a total lunar eclipse yesterday and it seemed to have some  mighty powerful energy.

In short, lots of blog fodder, really.  Take Michael Jackson’s memorial service.  To me it seemed like an incredible example of something that could be interpreted in a wide range of ways.  Physics has demonstrated that the observer does influence what they are observing.  So everyone’s reality contributes to what we all see, in a way.  Apparently Bill O’Reilly missed the point as he so often seems to, but my feeling is that his viewpoint didn’t skew the entire vision.  Leastways I hope so.  Michael Jackson was an exceptionally talented individual who was eaten alive by the demands of his life.  We all experience huge challenges and difficulties and want to get away from the pain of it, don’t we?  It struck me, watching the service, that good is something that appears with an array of attributes, while evil is quite uniform.  Hannah Arendt wrote that evil is ultimately quite banal, and I agree.  Michael Jackson really was deeply good, although it is easy enough to pick apart his life choices without applying any compassion or real understanding and pretend to be able to judge.  So the good here was presented in a very large, pretty mixed bag.  But think about the uniformity of the evil we see every day.  The bland even tones of corporate power holders we see chatting away from Sun Valley.  The smooth way lies are told that cost the earth in lives and integrity.  The financial news is a good example of banality in action, and thus evil,  to my mind.  Anyway perhaps I digress.

Then we have baseball.  I got a postcard advertisement yesterday from a place in Georgia, because I have an alternative medicine practice I suppose.  But.  Call an 800 number, and in the mail you can get all the stuff, and more,  that got Manny Ramirez suspended for 50 games.  I showed this to the Partner and he slapped his forehead and said, how can this be??? It’s not illegal, said I.  So what gives, really?  If the people who on some level really do need the support of  these hormonal aids can’t use them….who are they for?  And if all you have to do is call an 800 number and get the stuff in a nasal spray….I am confused.  Once again.  Either this stuff is OK or it isn’t.    I find it interesting, to say the least, that the FDA can wade in on all kinds of things and freak out about them, like tryptophan for example, yet stuff like this is so easy to get a child could do it.  Or a caveman.  Yet it is supposed to be Very Bad Stuff.  I think this is all spelled m-o-n-e-y.  Maybe.

Then there’s just daily life.  I visited my client in the skilled nursing facility yesterday.  I usually say hi to everyone, just because.  Usually there are several people to say hi to,  sitting in the hallway in their wheelchairs, among whom is a lady, Madame, we’ll call her.  For nine months I’ve been going in there almost every day to visit my client, and saying hi.  Yesterday the hallway smelled just foully murderous.  Someone had apparently had a bathroom related accident and the smell was, temporarily,  enough to knock you down and keep you pinned.  I was focussing on not throwing up when I saw a hand reach toward me.  It was Madame.  She reached for me, held my hand, and told me I was a beautiful and good person.  And she is not like Senorita, who reaches for you and then makes you sing along with her just because.  Madame actually pays a level of attention.  This was the first time she had ever acknowledged my existence.   It was quite an astonishing experience.

So today, post eclipse, there are rumblings and shortouts and digestions of it all, crabbiness and woolgathering, but also exciting duckling sightings.  And that cosmic, shall we say,  energy surrounds us, rains down on us, all the time.  Maybe we should pay more attention, so that when it does all hit at once, like yesterday, we don’t find ourselves dissolving in tears.  Like yesterday.  On the positive side, apart from the revelations? Nothing exploded when I made dinner.  I call that progress.


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