NYPD Rocks

Well, it’s been interesting, hasn’t it? Gentle Reader?  Pummelled by chaos the size of watermelons and many behaving badly.  Some natural disasters thrown in to top off the mix, and there we go.  At least the world didn’t end.  Or? Maybe it did, and we all went You Know Where after all.  At times I just can’t tell.

I have to admit that I got the best laugh this past week from the news, though.   A glimmer of hope in a way.  Now it is clear, no matter how you examine it, that the head of the International Monetary fund- an entity that affects huge swaths of the world and wields enormous power – is a bona fide rapist.  At least he was consistent, you have to give him that.  Why just do it figuratively?

The implications are scary, but it looks to me like the world is being run by a passel of actual lunatics, people straight out of the Diagnostic Manual.  In short: THEY’RE CRAZY.  This should give us some tools to take our world back, I’m hoping.  A little sanity could go a long way, don’t you think?

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