May be….

Or it may be not.  It’s stormy today and the internet is…let’s say, unstable.

SO.  In this window of opportunity, a quick dash…..about writing.  Writing’s a funny thing.  I’ve always written and not thought anything about it.  I got a degree in painting, then probably the equivalent of a doctorate in plant and energy medicine studies.  Meanwhile the writing continues to push at the edges of what seems to keep me together.  I read another favorite person today who said  blogging may be keeping them from writing something bigger, like a book.  (HONEY ROCK DAWN is the site, my internet….need we say more? than that the link enabling feature has decided it is no longer co-dependent..) What I decided when I saw the post a day thing was that this was a way to forge ahead with my actual writing and move toward whatever bigger project there may be out there in the mists of time.  Instead of dithering around with what I *thought* I was writing, or had written, or people said should be a book..or, or, or.   Plus, there’s a piquant quality to this blog given that days can pass and it remains, perhaps, unseen.  I get to the point where I feel quite untethered and free, then I realize someone’s ACTUALLY READING THIS.  Which, of course, is quite wonderful in and of itself.  So, we’ll see.

Meanwhile the quotidian bugaboo looms, which is: What shall I make for dinner?  Anyway we’re losing internet integrity here I see, so toodleoo for now.

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