for God’s sake (possible diatribe alert)

While it is quite true, Gentle Reader, that my own little life has completely blown apart lately, it is also true that it is coming back together again, however Walter Mitty-like the repairs may be at the moment.  Fountain pens only go so far…….


I just have to say: the Loser of the Popular Vote is indeed a total loser.  He is a reprehensible example of human form and in one short week? He’s managed to spew evil sauce over the world- oh, except the parts where he has investments.  This bullshit about refugees and immigrants and Muslims, taxes, health care, abortion, and that infernal wall!  Has to stop now.  If you call yourself a Christian? ASK YOURSELF WHAT JESUS WOULD DO.  Oh, and btw? You might remember who Jesus was, ethnically and geographically speaking.  And what it was HE actually  espoused.  Not a bunch of men who wrote a book hundreds of years later to reinforce their supposed right to authority over that most of evanescent of things, a human soul. You might stop and think about just exactly where your own family came from.  Because in checking the historical record?  This hemisphere was not inhabited by White people and Europeans to begin with. ( Or even Black people- they got to get here the really fun way, after all.) So, for your perusal, today’s word is immigration.  And today is when we should all step up and disentangle the concept of immigration from the concept of genocide- which has been used as an enforcement mechanism on both sides of the issue.  You may think that is an overstatement but I suggest a little cogitation on the subject. Unless you want to adopt immigration as a thing for Whites and dominant paradigm upholders only and continue to pretend that nobody is ever there before YOU arrive.  I suspect this would exclude women altogether, just as an aside.  Unless they’re approved emigre attachments.  Like the wife of the loser of the popular vote.

Every policy ” ” (and I use that word VERY loosely) he espouses is built on hate, exclusion, selfishness and fear mongering.   Stupidity sandwich.   If we do not all stand up now, right now, and make this stop? If only some of us stand and make the attempt in good faith and love? Those who do not stand up will have an awful lot of shit on their hands.  And they will deserve it.

I know violence does not work.  Anger is a dangerous knife.  But so is inattention and inaction.  This may well be the natural way of things in the unfolding of cosmic history.  But.  Given that we do not, and most likely cannot?, know that? We have an obligation as human beings to do unto others- and that means all others- as we would have them do unto us.  And yes, I know that means, literally, love thine enemy.  I can’t quite get to love at this point but I can get to deeply breathed tolerance of those who trample the light and the good under their feet.  Tolerance may build bridges, and bridges link things and progress can be made.  I’m struggling with Martin Luther King Jr’s essay, from the ’50’s, on the experiment of love in effecting change.  But I attempt to draw on the wisdom there in my daily life.  And tolerance does not mean not resisting.

Luddite that I am, I haven’t been able to do a reblog, but was right on today- I’m With Her.  A brilliant friend also suggested that we all observe the Islamic five daily times of prayer, wherever we are out in the world, by stopping for a moment, stepping aside if we’re in a line or something somewhere? and gently, concisely, explaining what we’re doing and why.  I’m in.  How about you?

Blessings and thanks.


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  1. Well said. I’ve been looking at everything on a macro scale with all this. For example, politics has always been reprehinsible. The past few decades can be summed up as exponential corruption. Princeton proved this place is an oligarchy now. Etc.

    Up until this point they have always taken the higher road stance. I mean the illusion of it. Always acting like god, morals, christianity were #1 right. Always denying and flat out lying to the populace who straight up believed all of their lies because of their stance, their rhetoric, their demeaner.

    So now all of that is out the window. Perhaps for the first time in history. They’ve very clearly adopted a new model here. They have everyone up n arms over total distractions. The entire thing is a circus. I’ve been on the outskirts, wary of mind pollution from this entire thing, but it’s hard not to notice this very big change in how they deal with the masses. I’ve been musing over, asking myself half-heartedly what could be their intentions with this. I haven’t come up with anything concise yet other than they will make the next president out to look like a godsend like obama was over bush mccain. Trumps the easiest scapegoat in the world. They love him for that.


  2. All of a sudden everyone forgets about everything that happened over the last 8 years and history repeats itself.


  3. I also imagine they are studying peoples’ reactions to this so hard right now…


  4. Last bit: agent provacateur controlled state funded “revolution” coming up? I bet theyre still pissed about occupy. Control the revolution so it doesn’t actually become a revolution….that’s my wildest speculation at this time…we shall see


    • Please. They’re already funding weed growing. This procrapateur stuff has been done over and over and this time….my worst thought about this is “they’ll” skip that step this time and go directly to the…er….eradication portion. Which is I guess one reason I’m so bent out of shape about this. If people do not stand up for what is right and bridge the gaps this time? Protect the thinking continuum? Maybe there’s a whole new Thing waiting to come about….but that may be akin to civilization being restarted by the somewhat apocryphal roaches who theoretically survive the atomic blast. Oh well. Carry wood, bake bread. We are each other’s keepers, after all.


  5. Posted by Wanda Brenni on January 30, 2017 at 6:15 am

    I was going to make a comment even before seeing your last lines. Thank you so much for sharing my idea. So far away from what is happening, I feel so limited in what I can do beyond words or money sent to those just causes. But, I do know that in the end, the most important quality of one’s life is in finding our humanity and there is a great strength and resilience that comes when one steps forward to embrace through action one’s core beliefs.


    • As always, you are so right. And finding the action can be difficult. I’m rereading Gandhi and MLK jr as I said- and FINALLY I’m starting to truly understand. The fug that comes from the stuck in inaction thing as one watches a sheer avalanche of, well, evil, is really awful. The light that comes through when someone has an idea that creates possibility- as you did, honey bunny!- is really wonderful. Not such a hard choice after all.


  6. good morning, boozilla. i tried to send you a little something this morning that i thought you would enjoy but the email address ‘doesnt exist’ for kellyscreams…maybe i did something wrong, it IS possible (!) but if not, thought you would want to know.


  7. Oh my! actually the address is Altho i must admit kellyscreams has a certain ring to it at present. Thank you for thinking of me, as I do of your always wise counsel! Thank you!


  8. kelly screams…rofl…:D

    ok, well, i dunno. here is what i got back:
    Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

    No MX or A records for

    now, there could be a typo right in front of my eyes and i wouldnt see it in my current foggy phase so i am just putting this out here. xx


  9. oh geez, the actual email address doesnt look like it ‘took’ in the paste. (


  10. You are funny! add an e to “kelly” and you get “kelley” which is the correct spelling. And I take comfort in our being “foggy” together….I was wondering if it was symptomatic of Actual Decline…….


  11. oh…ok! 😀 what am i like?! i will try again


  12. there’s a lot of this going around…..


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