Cake Derivatives

It’s Monday.  My head still hurts.  The Pizza was good, however, (not Hawaiian, as it turned out) so the week didn’t end too badly overall.  Yesterday was one of those strenuous, unintentionally Going Against the Will of the Universe sorts of days (coffee pot got broken first thing: need I say more?), so I now find myself woolgathering here and fixating on cupcakes.  Usually I think cupcakes are a waste of time; perhaps I just want more so I make a whole cake.  Anyway today I’ve decided that after the work that must be done is done, I’m heading to cupcake baking.  I’m thinking lemon (perhaps a sour cream batter?) with strawberry cream cheese frosting.  Because that is what I have on hand.  Finding the paper baking cup liners will be like finding the Holy Grail of course, but, onward.

Meanwhile we started our week off  this morning, as we often do, discussing the jolly topic of class struggle.  Yes, we have fun around here.  The Partner, while dystopian, has a grip on what is going on, and we were discussing “the economy”.  This actually will somehow link up to the cupcakes in a minute.  Really.

He finds the constant fluctuation of gold prices rather sinister; I think he’s probably right.  Today he said all the financial stuff, the market, ups, downs, values, etc., was at bottom, the same old thing.  The monied elites, let’s call them, feel entitled to keep doing what they’ve always done: Keep the Money, Get More.  Tough Tootie to everyone else.  Finally totally irate, he bellowed: They’re having their cake and eating it too!  Now, that is an expression that has never made sense to me.  I mean, you have to HAVE a cake before you can EAT it and honestly.  What is the point of having a cake if you don’t eat it?  That great song, SEX AND DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL, has a wonderful line in it about eating cake every day. ( One of my new goals, in truth.  Now that I figured out the Mystery of Cake Pan Sizes….another story for another time, that.)  Then again, there’s the famous Marie Antoinette dictum: Let them eat cake.  I never quite got that either.  I’m sure “they” would’ve LOVED to eat cake, had it been possible.

The way I see it, the ME’s (that worked out well acronymically, didn’t it?) have their cake, keep their cake, but they don’t eat it.  It gets hoarded and manipulated, which means it gets stale.  And Crumby.  Ultimately the world winds up with Cake Derivatives.   No one knows where the real cake is.  Or what it looked like.   There are just alot of people who know they not only don’t have any cake, the nearest bakery is on another planet.  Which is a horrible misuse of cake.

So everything gets skewed in this process, right? And I think it is safe to say that things are definitely skewed.  Maybe  baking actual cake from scratch is a revolutionary act of sorts.  Sharing it with others downright incendiary.  Maybe this is just more than my poor aching head can take in today, so cupcakes are a good stepping stone.

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