The Importance of Honesty

Naive thing that I am, Gentle Reader, I generally assume people are telling me the truth.  Boy howdy,  is that DUMB.  Well, I mean, there are the obvious exceptions, of course.  Television news, politicians, advertising….but still.  I had been feeling a little queasy for a few days and finally realized it was because of…dishonesty overload.  Sins of omission, and all that.  This sort of thing is what really drove me bananas when I worked as slave girl of the divorce court.  People would lie when they didn’t even NEED to.  It is SO complicated to lie, after all.  Then, the inevitable horrifying denouement when the actual truth of a situation puts forth its shaggy rear end.

No good deed goes unpunished, is the bottom line here.  Favors are something that probably should never be done.  Your critical thinking has to be on all the time, friend or foe alike.  I truly hope I have learned my lesson this time, although for me it is a hard one.  No more favors.  I suppose by “favor” I mean those instances where there is not an appropriate exchange, in whatever medium you may choose, for what is being done.  Maybe this is part of the never ending story of how one ceases being co-dependent.  *sigh*  

It is a lot of work to become an adult, let’s just say.  In the end I think it is easier to be an adult but it is easier, in the beginning, not to be one.  There are just so many things I don’t understand at all , like calculus for example, or Japanese grammar.  The fact that people do not treat each other with the truth but rather with some kind of touch up job that makes their teeth look white is something that I doubt I will ever understand.  

These days we’re getting dishonesty at megawatt levels, anyway.  I could have laughed, but didn’t, at all the Town Hall meetings where people are expressing fears that the elderly won’t get appropriate treatment, or they won’t get the medicine they need, etc. if we get a national health care coverage plan.  People! Get the paper bag off your heads and think, at least a little bit.  The insurance companies are already doing this for you!!! Yes!  Death Panels, give me a freaking break.  I had a client in his 80’s who had cancer.  His  HMO  decided that since he was basically “terminal”, and old, there wasn’t any further real care they were going to provide.   He died sooner than he should have because of this cessation of attention.  But not without a honking big ICU bill.  So, I think? We already have those “death panels”.  And they  fulfill their mission which is to bring in money, not focus on care and healing.  Meanwhile you have to ask yourself what is being thought about when it is more important to discredit the President of the United States by defeating his programs than it is to truly sit down and address some pressing and dramatic crises that are not going to go away on their own.   It is, to say the least, dishonest.

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