in the mystery

So, we’ve had a few pee setbacks and every day requires a troll through the garden for small bits of plastic that might find their way into an enquiring pit bull’s mouth, as well as setting to rights the carnage of the night before in terms of chewed gloves, flower pots, and disappeared small shovels.  We’re at about 60% compliance to coming when called by name.  Last night was a notable failure, when he just simply decided he was staying outside and that was that.  It’s hard to know exactly how to proceed in such a case, not wanting to set a poor precedent but also? Not wanting to create unnecessary Armageddon.  Anyway this morning he was up, in his downstairs dog cave, at his usual dawn hour, and was VERY happy to see us.  All the smoke is making him sneeze but the light bulb went off and I realized that I can wipe his nose with water, the same way I do mine, and it helps with the nose/crud balance.

Otherwise, I’m finding myself wondering how one strikes the balance between what needs to be done, knowing what that truly is for crying out loud, and accepting the things that are not likely to change.  The capitalist model would have you believe that if you don’t have financial success, it’s just simply your fault.  This, of course, is patently false but it can cause a certain amount of wasted time until you bite the bullet and accept it for what it is: propaganda.  Is it better to beat the bushes constantly?  Or simply keep your powder dry and in order for when the time comes?  Given that the current setup has most liquidity tied up at the top, it can be difficult to see what the truth actually is at any given point.  This particular paradigm exists not just about money, of course, but can also flourish in those places where you haven’t exactly understood what you went though before.  Is this all my fault or were there a few partners involved?  Accepting responsibility is important, but should not be a misperception of self to the point of thinking that…well, thinking that you are powerful enough to have caused x or y to happen.  Especially when you ARE powerful but perhaps not in the areas of x or y.  You can, after all, control your mind after working at that task diligently.  But you cannot “make” anyone else “do” anything, or feel anything.  Nor are they responsible for what you want and fulfilling your needs.  It’s up to you at every moment, and perhaps the issue now is that the overall resonance of society and the world is WAAAAAAY out of whack.  It’s spiky and discordant and people are crying a lot.  How do you get in synch with that? and why should you?

So I guess the dog and I are walking this path together, trying to remember our names and put our paws right.  Fortunately for us, the Partner KNOWS his name and is very good at alerting a person to where the deep hole is right in front where if you don’t stop your paw will……the poor man has his work cut out for him right now, is all I can say.  But in mitigation, I can also say I made more tripeless menudo from the bone of a leg of lamb, some hominy, and some chili paste, which is one of the P’s favorite things.   We’re all trying.


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