I was going to write about the many fantastic robins here, all the bluebirds and flickers….or the Boddhichitta pizza- a manifestation in food of the desire for another’s happiness.  Or the brand new goat we saw practicing jumping.

However, things seem to be becoming ever more surreal, if one is paying attention at all.  A glance at the news is enough to make you head back to bed and amass piles of covers to duck under. The UN just adopted a resolution to “prevent…(the Libyan government)….from killing Libyan citizens…”  That sounds almost inconceivable, really, that it would even need to be done.  Meanwhile.   Living on the West Coast as we do, in Northern California, I’m being inundated by emails about what to do concerning the upcoming wave of radioactive material, due to reach our lovely coast by the weekend, from all the damaged reactors in Japan.  (Of course, it’s all Perfectly Safe, right? According to what our government says.)  We also learn to our stupefaction that the nuclear facility at San Onofre here in California, was built to withstand a 7.0 quake.  HUNH? 7.0 can practically be withstood by any cocktail establishment in Cali now, for heaven’s sake.   Meanwhile, the emails contain instruction on various things to do to strengthen the body, advise one to buy lots of food now…because? Surface contamination will be present for some time.  Food supplies low and unhealthy.  Also? The ocean.  And the grass, thus cows.  Chickens.  The food chain, in short, will be shot.  You gotta wonder, Gentle Reader.  What the hell is going on here?  I mean, if the food chain is compromised, if the ocean is poisoned- there isn’t much point, is there? in worrying about your own personal thyroid.  Seriously, I think everyone, everywhere, and that’s everyone from Insurgent A to Corporate Executive B and all in between, just stop.  Stop what you’re doing.  Now.  Put that stuff down and step back from it.  It really is almost too late to stem the tide of stupidity, looks like. We all really, really (no, REALLY) need to get on the same page, earthlings.   In a world where leaders of countries treat their people like disposable commodities and pursue only those options that provide profit for some, time is short.

And just when things were going so well……

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